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Understanding Today’s Financial Environment

Here at Pillar Plan Financial our focus is working with couples, families and individuals to plan their retirement and financial future.  We understand that you face unique challenges as you prepare for retirement.  The days of pensions are mostly over which means the task and responsibility is on you to make sure you don't out live your money.  We are here to help take the mystery out of preparing for today and tomorrow by helping you define a clear picture and path to your retirement.  Knowing what your retirement number is and what steps to take to reach it makes planning a lot more fun. 

We also believe that the heart of planning is in the ongoing relationship that is maintained.  The planning process is fluid and ongoing.  It is more than just gathering information, putting a plan in place and checking in every now and again.  It's our continued communication that helps build trust in, and comfort with, the strategy that we build together with our clients. 

Once your plan has been put into action, your progress will be regularly monitored.  With each life event that occurs - purchase of or downsizing of a home in retirement, loss of job prior to retirement or unexpected health situations - we will discuss the answers to your questions, talk through your options, and adjust the plan to ensure we remain focused on your goals and needs.  

Our ongoing relationship, founded on trust, open communication and a mutual desire for your success, advances the process and can help you feel a greater sense of confidence in your future.  We believe you will find that feeling to be one of the greatest rewards of retirement and financial planning.  

Our professionals have years of experience in financial and retirement consulting which means we can help you figure out what you could be overlooking.  We can help you address your needs for today and tomorrow.  We look forward to working with you through all stages of your life.  Please call us at 203-237-5696 to get started on your path to a more secure retirement.


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We enjoy building trusted relationships that span generations.

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